Valentina is an Eastern European escort girl in London

Valerie : 21 years  Russian Slim Blonde
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Valerie - 21 - Female - Slim

If you want to get respite from the daily work routine and busy schedule, we can spend time together in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. I have a collection of wonderful dresses and would love to wear them or pose as a model. With me, you will forget the stress and the rest of the world as long as we are together.

Name: Valerie
Age: 21
Nationality: Russian
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5.7
Bust: 32C
Dress: 6-8
Eyes: Blue
Build: Slim
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This lady is extremely nice, and I would have surely missed something great if I would not have got this opportunity. I would love to spend another day with her as soon as possible.
Simon - Paddington
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